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If you're looking into ways to become an Uber driver, this is the right app for you. In fact, you'll be required to download UberPartner (Uber's official app for their drivers) in order to get started providing driving services through on Uber.

Set up an UberPartner profile to get started, and soon enough you'll get notifications with potential pick-up spots when it's rush hour, so you can get more clients and rides to make quick cash. Thanks to its GPS system, the app tells you in real-time exactly which areas of your city are surging (that means they're heavily requesting rides in Uber-speak) so you can wait there strategically in order to pick up passengers, or head over to another area.

Likewise, it's very easy to keep tabs on your daily and weekly earnings, simply by logging onto your private partner profile. This feature provides you with a simple way to set up an earning goal, and makes it even easier to manage your work hours and activity.

One of the other unique advantages of UberPartner is that it'll keep you informed of current events nearby, so you can maximize your driving and wait outside events where there is a large number of passengers expected to require rides. Even if you don't have an internet connection or if you lose coverage, you can still use UberPartner to track all your rides without any technical issues.
By Erika Okumura